Bringing Your Own Parts?

Consider Why Not To







Many shops will charge you additional fees if you bring in your purchased part. The choice to supply your own part can actually cost you money in the long run. Please consider our reasons for not buying parts on your own. 

  1. WARRANTY: We cannot provide a warranty for a part (or related labor) we did not provide. This includes all parts you may purchase online or at a NAPA AUTO PARTS Store. 
  2. ACCURACY: We use a wide range of specialized diagnostic equipment to isolate part failure and what quality of part is needed for repairs the first time.  Many times, customers purchase the “wrong” part(s) – often based on an incorrect diagnosis, or fail the bring in all the necessary parts to complete the job. 
  3. CONVENIENCE: There is always the chance that you will purchase an incompatible part. Don’t be inconvenienced with the hassle of shipping charges for returns and possibly paying restocking fees. 
  4. VALUE: Please consider the added value our team provides…
    • Highly trained and experienced service advisors can address your repairs and explain the proper service of your vehicle. 
    • Our Technicians are ASE Certified. 
    • Ernie's Auto Service makes substantial investments to insure our Technicians and Service Advisors stay current with evolving technology and proper repairs for today’s vehicle in order to keep you safe.


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