Differential Service


Your vehicle’s differential is that large “pumpkin” like object in the middle of the rear axle underneath. Its function is very important. The picture here shows the gears inside exposed with the differential cover off. As all the power of the engine is transferred through the various gears, you can imagine these gears are very strong and are built   to last a long time. That’s why it is so important to keep your differential properly lubricated. Differential fluid cools and protects those important gears inside.   

When performing a differential service at  Ernie's Auto Service, our trained technicians will check your differential fluid level and top it off, if necessary. Low fluid will cause the differential to run too hot and wear prematurely. Fresh fluid will extend the life of your differential. Our trained technicians will also inspect the U-joints which connect your drive shaft to the differential and may recommend service. Some U-joints can be lubricated as part of a routine lube, oil and filter change as well.  


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