You’ve gone through the emissions station, and your car failed. They may have told you at the station what the problem is or could be. Now what?

Come to Ernie's Auto Service for all your emissions needs. We are recognized by the State of Illinois as an authorized emissions repair facility – with a high success rate for the past several years. Both shop owners and all of of our technicians have attended several classes sponsored by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Vehicle Emissions Inspections Program, in an effort to better diagnose and repair emissions failures.

There are several components that make up your vehicle’s emissions system, and any one of them or a combination could be the culprit that is standing in your way of a passing emissions certificate. Let the professionals at Ernie's Auto Service correctly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

The best part is that when the necessary repairs have been completed, one of the members of our crew will take your car back through the emissions stations for you to ensure a positive result. So when you come to pick up your vehicle, all the hard work will have been done for you and you will walk away with a “passed” emissions certificate.


2804 Deborah Avenue
Zion, IL 60099