Pre-Travel Checklist


It is always a good idea to have your vehicle checked out prior to traveling over an extended period or distance. At Ernie's Auto Service, we’d be glad to assist you to help ensure your vehicle is as reliable as possible. Here are the areas we check for a safety inspection or a pre-travel checklist:

  • Check all fluid levels and top off if necessary
  • Inspect the air filter to make sure it is clean
  • Check all belts and hoses for cracks or leaks
  • Check wiper blades and wiper arm/windshield wiper fluid operation
  • Inspect all tires for wear and ensure tire pressure is accurate for all of them, including the spare tire
  • Check that all lights are working, including headlights, taillights, turn signals, parking lights, fog lights, backup and license plate lights,and all dome lights inside your car
  • Check all dashboard instruments and gauge lights
  • Check battery and the starting/charging system
  • Inspect the cooling system to include the radiator, fan, waterpump, thermostat, hoses and clamps
    Inspect spark plug cables
  • Road test will be performed to check vehicle operation

After all the above has been completed, Ernie will discuss with you any concerns that came up during the inspection and estimate any recommended repairs.

Ernie's Auto Service offers this service for $25.00.



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