lettsaboutMany automobiles are damaged every year due to the lack of preparing for the cold and bitter temperatures. A simple vehicle winterization or seasonal preparation can make the difference between safely making it through another Chicago winter or ending up on the side of the road or on the hook of a tow truck.

Ernie’s Auto Service offers a winterization service for your vehicle which includes the following: checking the charging/starting system, load test the battery, check theromstat, heating/cooling system, tire wear and pressure, defrost operation, windshield wiper operation, wiper blades, and wiper fluid, and finally we ensure that your car’s antifreeze tests at at minimum -25 degrees. Our charge for this service is $35. (Any needed parts or added antifreeze is extra).

Don’t wait until the snow is piling up and the temperatures plummet below zero. Call Ernie’s Auto Service today to schedule an appointment.


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